Free Mason Jar Labels

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

So lately I find myself drawn again to jars (old obsession). And since I have bought quite a few of them recently, a revamping of the pantry was quite in order, complete with colourful labels and pretty patterns. Which I now offer to you for free download, should you feel the spring clean itch.


  • I have included a whole lot of pantry items, but if you have some stuff I have not provided a label for, no worries: there's quite a few blanks in there as well.
  • There are two types of printables:
    1. Labels (circular, they fit the wide mouth mason jars but they can also be applied on the side of most jars or Tupperware containers)
    2. Bands (they will fit most jars, unless they are very large in diameter)
  • mason jar labels
  • I used both the labels and the bands for the 500ml jars, and only the labels for the 250ml jars.

How to apply labels

  1. Print the required designs on a nice thick stock. I used a semi-gloss photo paper.
  2. Using a rounded cuticles scissors for the labels and a straight craft scissors for the bands cut out the shapes.
  3. Apply glue to the entire back of the label and on the ends of the band (you probably don't want to glue it all over, it will be difficult to remove when you need to wash the jar)
  4. Apply the label or the band and fill the jar with the pantry item of your choice!
The download links are at the bottom of the page, after the jar images. Have fun!

Terms and Conditions

These designs are copyright of Limeshot Design. Needless to say, please don't use these for commercial purposes, don't alter the designs and don't offer them for download on your own site - link to this page instead. Thank you!
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels
mason jar labels


  1. Label images (zip archive containing PDF labels - 7.4Mb)
  2. Band images (zip archive containing PDF bands - 12.8Mb)
  3. Blank band images (zip archive containing PDF bands - 5.2Mb)