Bias Fold

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Bias Fold

The The Bias Fold is one of the several starting points in tying a square scarf. It basically converts a square scarf into a rectangle that can be then tied into a knot. There are two ways of achieving a bias fold - the proper way (usually requiring a large flat surface) and the easy, albeit less proper way (it also tends to look a bit messier when tied, but that's not always a bad thing). 

A. The *Proper* way: 

  1. Place the scarf face down on a flat surface (the bed, or the floor). 
  2. Bring two opposite corners toward the centre of the scarf. 
  3. Fold the resulting sides once or twice more toward the centre (depending on how skinny you want the resulting rectangle to be). 
  4. And that's it! Flip it over and proceed to knot it. 
scarf bias fold

B. the *lazy* way. 

Great for when you're out and about and there are no beds or clean patches of floor available. Fold the scarf in two, along the diagonal. 
  1. Fold the corner adjacent to the shorter sides of the triangle about half way toward the corner. 
  2. Continue folding until you have the width you're after. Y
  3. ou can use the resulting rectangle for most knots based on the bias fold. 
scarf bias fold